Our Community

Our Community

We are a community of people who want to love as Christ would have us do. We do that in many ways with our time, effort, and resources to build each other up in our faith in God. Some of the ways this occurs:

  • Teaching Bible classes at church, in the community, or in private homes
  • Leading singing
  • Leading public prayer
  • Making announcements
  • Helping others; financially, emotionally, or in other ways
  • Visiting the ill and elderly
  • Inviting others in our homes
  • Providing meals to new mothers or those recovering from illness or surgery
  • Hosting formal or informal group meetings

Our Organization

Scripture describes what the formal church organization should look like.

  • Each church, or group of Christians that meet together, must be both local and autonomous. It takes directions from no other group, nor does it lead any other group.
  • The church has specific roles to be filled by qualified personnel. This includes:
    • Elders - have responsibility for acting as a shepherd would to a flock of sheep. These men look out for the members; provide counseling, support, and resources to help all members, and perhaps even admonishment, or discipline, to members behaving in an un-Godly manner
    • Deacons - work with the Elders to perform the work of the church. Each man may have specific roles such as building maintenance or church bookkeeping, or may assist in meeting the needs of specific members
    • Preachers - provide lessons, or sermons, to the church from God's word, the Bible. They hold individual and group Bible studies outside of church and within the community
    • Evangelists - spread the word of God and the message of salvation to others. Many people perform this function, both formally and informally
    • Teachers - teach Bible classes to adults and/or children. We have many women that teach children's Bible classes


We meet on Sunday Morning for age-specific Bible lessons and assemble as a group to worship God by singing, sharing communion, giving, and hearing a lesson preached from the Bible. On Sunday afternoon, we meet again for group worship and on Wednesday night, we meet for a different series of age-specific Bible lessons.

Each Sunday night, after the worship service, the designated Outreach group meets downstairs to send mailers to the community, thank you letters to visitors, get well cards to our members, and other notes of encouragement as possible. We also discuss ways that we can reach out to, and support, each other.

About every three months, each Outreach group meets in someone's home to study a specific topic from the Bible, such as evangelism. This allows us to study in smaller groups and get to know each other better.

Twice a year, we host a special series of lessons, or Gospel Meeting, for our members and interested members of the community. A preacher from another congregation visits and provides lessons, generally on a specific topic determined by the Elders.

In July, we host a weeklong Vacation Bible School series for children divided by age. Any children from the community, or if you are here on vacation, are welcome to attend.