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Message from the Elders on COVID-19

Updated 2020-03-27
We appreciate the love in this congregation for our Lord and each other. It is clear we are presently confronted with the COVID-19 virus threat and its potential for impacting this congregation and our many members with diverse circumstances. As elders we are none of us medical or crisis management experts, but we do care deeply for the physical health and well-being of everyone here. As always each member needs to make their own independent decision about what is best for themselves and their families. With that said, until conditions around the spread of the virus are relaxed, here are the points of guidance from our perspective to this concern.
  1. We highly encourage the live streaming of our Bible study times and preaching.
  2. If you need assistance with the online technology please reach out to Jay Wineinger (612-568-4339), Bob Johanson (763-258-9159), or any of the elders or deacons.
Again, we want to emphasize that at this time while we are unable to assemble together, we encourage you to join us remotely via https://media.nwcocmn.org or https://www.facebook.com/nwcocmn/.  We all hope the duration of this is short lived, and we can all be together again with the freedom to support and encourage in all the ways that we normally do.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will update you as things change. Please reach out to any of the elders or deacons if you have questions or concerns.
In Brotherly Love, 
The Elders
Tim Appleget (612-518-2054)
Clayton Cantrell (763-258-4356)
Richard Jones (612-875-6727)
Rick Lanning (763-218-7997)
Terry Ward (612-812-9088)

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